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Taxvision is an inter-regional office employing a group of tax advisors, business economists and lawyers. In our approach to consulting, this can be effective only if the consultant not only has professional skill but can also understand the specific issues of his client. This can only come about through personal contact. In addition to the traditional methods of contact, in particular face-to-face meetings, we also use modern methods to enable us to provide full support to clients who are situated at greater distances from our offices.

Business people providing advice to business people

In order to represent and advise a business in its best interests, in our view it is essential that the consultant is himself active in business. You can profit from the many years of experience of our consultants in many different industries – experience that has been gained in sometimes difficult restructuring, rehabilitation and insolvency situations.

Why you should choose us as your consultants

  • Our work is multidisciplinary
  • We are tax advisors, not bookkeepers
  • Our consulting is proactive and we think ahead
  • We use of course the latest IT technology
  • Our approach is businesslike and results-orientated

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