Tax Consultancy for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Although the feed-in rates have been reduced, solar PV systems – apart from providing environmental benefits – can still form an interesting investment.

Are you planning to purchase a solar system for your property, or do you already have one? Many people are unaware that apart from the opportunities for low-cost power production, a number of obligations and risks are also involved. Most PV system owners are thus effectively treated in law as traders. As a result of this, they are required to prepare annual financial statements and in some cases to submit sales and business tax declarations. On the other hand, there also arises the possibility of obtaining advantageous tax treatment for necessary construction costs and of gifting or bequeathing the property.

Regardless of whether the system is permanently attached, integrated or free-standing, we can help you devise the most practical solution and support you when taking investment decisions by providing forecasts and applying for funding.

Solar PV Tax Services for You

Below is an overview of the services we offer:

  • Economic calculations for your planned PV system
  • Creating your net income statement
  • Tax consulting in respect of investments in PV systems
  • Support for financial decisions and applications for credit and funding at the regional, national and EU levels
  • Tax structuring advice on the exercise of tax options
  • Creating your monthly turnover tax advance return

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