Methodical planning for successions to maintain values

We advise businesses on their individual planning for corporate succession and know the problems that they typically encounter. It is extremely rare today simply to hand the keys over to the successor and head off into retirement. Depending on how and to whom the business is to be transferred, it is vital that a comprehensive plan for the succession be in place. It may thus be necessary to carry out business valuations to establish a suitable purchase price for the business, for example, or regulations may be necessary for the pension provisions of the retiring owner, which, depending on the arrangement agreed, may have widely differing tax implications. Accordingly, succession planning may involve purchase prices, or assumption of debt, but also pensions and/or the transfer of company assets to private individuals.

Succession regulations also often bring with them the need to alter the legal form of the business or its financing structure. Here again our clients profit from our extensive experience in rehabilitation and restructuring since, at least in cases of a business being sold to persons outside the owning family, changes are often required to business operations to make the company more attractive to buyers.

Corporate Succession Services for Your Company

Below is an overview of the services we offer your business:

  • Creating an individual succession plan
  • Analysis of the company situation and evaluation of options for action
  • Support and consulting for sales of companies and partial disposal
  • Preparation of business valuations
  • Checking and drawing up of handover contracts

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