Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud and Voluntary Disclosure

As a result of various widely publicised cases of tax evasion, both the regulations on tax evasion and their effective prosecution by the tax authorities have been drastically tightened. Today there is de facto no longer such a thing as a ‘minor’ or ‘petty’ tax offence. All the more important, then, is the proper response if the tax authorities are monitoring you.

Our specialist tax consultants and lawyers advise and represent many businesses and private individuals in all aspects of tax offences and economic crime. We work with you to decide the appropriate course of action, once we have shown you all the possible options.

Criminal Tax Law Services for Your Company

Below is an overview of the services we offer:

  • Tax consulting in respect of tax evasion, tax fraud and sales tax offences
  • Checking and creating a voluntary disclosure to exempt you from penalties
  • Tax representation in tax investigation proceedings (searches, confiscation)
  • Support for judicial and extrajudicial redress procedures and the associated correspondence with the tax authority
  • Representation in tax offence proceedings before the department of public prosecution and judicially by lawyers

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