Accountancy by Pros

Proper accounts are an important tool for tax and business planning in your business, as financial decisions often depend on the evaluation of the accounts.

We prepare the accounts for your business in compliance with all statutory provisions. This ensures that you keep to all the statutory submission deadlines, such as the turnover tax advance return and the recapitulative statement.

Digital Accountancy

In addition to traditional accounting for your business, we also offer full electronic accounting based on the DATEV Unternehmen online platform.

In this system, clients scan and upload their documents to the DATEV data centre. From there the documents are kept available centrally for both clients and ourselves. We then transfer the relevant book-keeping information directly into the accounting record via automatic document recognition software.

In the following demo you can see how a company uses DATEV Unternehmen online:

Accounting Services for Your Company

Below is an overview of the services we offer your business:

  • Setting up and preparing accounts including the turnover tax advance return
  • Maintaining asset accounts
  • Evaluation of accounts for corporate management
  • Digital accounting using DATEV Unternehmen online

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