Tax consulting for businesses with international activity

We advise businesses that are either already active in the international arena or are planning to do business with other countries. In view of the complexity of international tax law, the opportunities here can quickly turn into risks if you cannot rely on qualified tax consultants.

Important issues for any internationally active business include turnover tax, the tax implications of imports and exports (both within the single European market and in non-member countries), the obligations for records and declarations, and questions in regard to establishing subsidiaries or premises abroad.

We also advise businesses in respect of the posting of employees to roles abroad.

International Tax Services for Your Company

Below is an overview of the services we offer your business:

  • Ongoing tax consulting to businesses with activities abroad
  • Tax declarations for employees with both domestic and foreign earnings
  • Consultancy for non-resident taxpayers with domestic earnings
  • Consulting for domestic businesses investing abroad
  • Consulting for the posting of employees abroad (for both employers and employees)
  • Turnover tax registration for foreign businesses
  • Examination of individual questions and expert opinions on international matters

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