Tax Consulting for Property Owners

Do you own (or are you planning to acquire) property to use to generate income? Or would you like to build or buy a property for your own use? Are you intending to renovate an old property or improve its energy efficiency?

Property such as houses, owner-occupied flats, commercial property and agricultural or forestry land often play an important part in building up financial assets. Clearly, then, it is advisable to ensure that the tax situation in respect of managing, running or buying and selling property is also optimally arranged. For many years we have advised private individuals, particularly property owners, in all these areas.

Property Tax Services for You

Below is an overview of the services we offer:

  • Tax consulting on the optimal structuring and development of your property assets
  • Tax consulting in respect of property investments
  • Preparation of tax declarations and accounts
  • Support for financial decisions and applications for credit and funding at the regional, national and EU levels
  • Tax structuring advice to minimise the inheritance and accession tax burdens; specific tax-related questions (listed property depreciation, investments in redevelopment areas)
  • Preparation of liquidity, asset and profitability calculations
  • Advice on property succession and inheritance tax

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